LEGO® Creator

31026|LEGO® Creator

Bike Shop & Café

31043|LEGO® Creator

Chopper Transporter

30576|LEGO® Creator

Christmas Tree

31135|LEGO® Creator

Vintage Motorcycle

31072|LEGO® Creator

Extreme Engines

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 - 31077 Modular Sweet Surprises - Build these cute shops that sell all kind of sweets! Ice pops, cupcakes, croissants, bonbons, cookies and coffee.
31077|LEGO® Creator

Modular Sweet Surprises

31137|LEGO® Creator

Adorable dogs

31014|LEGO® Creator

Power Digger

31154|LEGO® Creator

Forest Animals: Red Fox

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 - 31083 Cruising Adventures - Build a yacht and hang out on the beach and enjoy the sun, surf or build a sand castle.
31083|LEGO® Creator

Cruising Adventures

31086|LEGO® Creator

Futuristic Flyer

31152|LEGO® Creator

Space Astronaut

31079|LEGO® Creator

Sunshine Surfer Van

31130|LEGO® Creator

Sunken Treasure Mission

31042|LEGO® Creator

Super Soarer

31089|LEGO® Creator

Sunset Track Racer

31038|LEGO® Creator

Changing Seasons

31015|LEGO® Creator

Emerald Express

31019|LEGO® Creator

Forest Animals

31142|LEGO® Creator

Space Roller Coaster

31157|LEGO® Creator

Exotic Peacock

31039|LEGO® Creator

Blue Power Jet

31044|LEGO® Creator

Park Animals

31025|LEGO® Creator

Mountain Hut

31134|LEGO® Creator

Space Shuttle

31018|LEGO® Creator

Highway Cruiser

31123|LEGO® Creator

Off-road Buggy

31074|LEGO® Creator

Rocket Rally Car

31069|LEGO® Creator

Family Villa

31147|LEGO® Creator

Retro Camera

31062|LEGO® Creator

Robe Explorer

31040|LEGO® Creator

Desert Racers

31150|LEGO® Creator

Wild Safari Animals

31138|LEGO® Creator

Beach Camper Van

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 - 31078 Tree house Adventures - Build a fun pirate themed tree house with a treasure map, treasure chest, a crow's nest and place to walk the plank.
31078|LEGO® Creator

Treehouse Treasures

31107|LEGO® Creator

Space Rover Explorer

31033|LEGO® Creator

Vehicle Transporter

31098|LEGO® Creator

Outback Cabin

31023|LEGO® Creator

Yellow Racers

31118|LEGO® Creator

Surfer Beach House

31091|LEGO® Creator

Shuttle Transporter

31076|LEGO® Creator

Daredevil Stunt Plane

31128|LEGO® Creator

Dolphin and Turtle

31090|LEGO® Creator

Underwater Robot

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 - 31085 Mobile Stunt Show - Convert the trailers of the truck into ramps and make a stunt show with a small blue monster truck.
31085|LEGO® Creator

Mobile Stunt Show

31059|LEGO® Creator

Sunset Street Bike

31105|LEGO® Creator

Townhouse Toy Store

31136|LEGO® Creator

Exotic Parrot

31099|LEGO® Creator

Propeller Plane

31096|LEGO® Creator

Twin-Rotor Helicopter

31058|LEGO® Creator

Mighty Dinosaurs

31045|LEGO® Creator

Ocean Explorer

31140|LEGO® Creator

Magical Unicorn

31131|LEGO® Creator

Downtown Noodle Shop

31080|LEGO® Creator

Modular Winter Vacation

31133|LEGO® Creator

White Rabbit

31070|LEGO® Creator

Turbo Track Racer

77940|LEGO® Creator

Mighty Dinosaurs

31115|LEGO® Creator

Space Mining Mech

31113|LEGO® Creator

Race Car Transporter

31092|LEGO® Creator

Helicopter Adventure

31036|LEGO® Creator

Toy & Grocery Shop

31129|LEGO® Creator

Majestic Tiger

31060|LEGO® Creator

Airshow Aces

31032|LEGO® Creator

Red Creatures

31054|LEGO® Creator

Blue Express

31120|LEGO® Creator

Medieval Castle

31065|LEGO® Creator

Park Street Townhouse

31066|LEGO® Creator

Space Shuttle Explorer

31041|LEGO® Creator

Construction Vehicles

LEGO Creator 3 in 1 - 31084 Pirate Roller Coaster -  Build a pirate themed roller coaster on the pier with a balloon stand on the ground.
31084|LEGO® Creator

Pirate Roller Coaster

31037|LEGO® Creator

Adventure Vehicles

31063|LEGO® Creator

Beachside Vacation

31067|LEGO® Creator

Poolside Holiday

31097|LEGO® Creator

Townhouse Pet Shop & Café

31101|LEGO® Creator

Monster Truck

31149|LEGO® Creator

Flowers in Watering Can

31017|LEGO® Creator

Sunset Speeder

31108|LEGO® Creator

Caravan Family Holiday

31144|LEGO® Creator

Exotic Pink Parrot

31081|LEGO® Creator

Modular Skate House

31127|LEGO® Creator

Street Racer

31071|LEGO® Creator

Drone Explorer

31021|LEGO® Creator

Furry Creatures

77941|LEGO® Creator

Mighty Dinosaurs

31047|LEGO® Creator

Propeller Plane

31093|LEGO® Creator

Riverside Houseboat

31119|LEGO® Creator

Ferris Wheel

31034|LEGO® Creator

Future flyers

31048|LEGO® Creator

Lakeside Lodge

31126|LEGO® Creator

Supersonic Jet

31051|LEGO® Creator

Lighthouse Point

31064|LEGO® Creator

Island Adventures

31024|LEGO® Creator

Roaring Power

31116|LEGO® Creator

Safari Wildlife Tree House

31020|LEGO® Creator

Twinblade Adventures

31031|LEGO® Creator

Rainforest Animals

31146|LEGO® Creator

Flatbed Truck with Helicopter

31117|LEGO® Creator

Space Shuttle Adventure​

31125|LEGO® Creator

Fantasy Forest Creatures

31088|LEGO® Creator

Deep Sea Creatures

31095|LEGO® Creator

Fairground Carousel

31103|LEGO® Creator

Rocket Truck

31073|LEGO® Creator

Mythical Creatures

31075|LEGO® Creator

Outback Adventures

31104|LEGO® Creator

Monster Burger Truck

31056|LEGO® Creator

Green Cruiser