Fred answers your questions

You asked and he delivered! LEGO® Minecraft® designer Fred has answered some of your burning questions!

How did you get your job? – SeniorSublimeGiraffe

I started working at LEGO 11 years ago. I sent pictures of my personal LEGO creations, was invited to a workshop here in Billund and hey presto!

What is your highest Minecraft score? – RichestLovelySkunk

I never kept track of my score to be honest… my way of playing is finding villages and trying to connect them to each other.

What is your favorite set to have designed? HappiestGracefulGiraffe

I love working on the redstone monstrosity from Minecraft Dungeons! It’s a giant monster in the iconic Minecraft look!

What inspires you to build these sets – real Minecraft builds? – incredibleFruit038

We get inspired by the game updates. We try to have as many new mobs and blocks as possible based on the latest updates. We work closely with Mojang as well, to know which are the most popular mobs and new features coming to the game.