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LEGO® Fortnite® Sandbox Mode Tips!

LEGO® Fortnite® in Sandbox Mode is like a gigantic playground where you get a bottomless box of LEGO bricks and elements.

In this LEGO Fortnite Sandbox Mode guide, we’ll show you how to find everything, build existing models with blueprints and create your own with bricks and elements.

Your Sandbox, Your World

In a Sandbox world, you have infinite resources, making it easy to build whatever you want! You can even double-tap the jump button and fly around the map like a superhero!

LEGO Fortnite is set in a gigantic and familiar Fortnite world. LEGO bricks and elements are everywhere. The adorable cows and sheep grazing on the grass are brick-based. The structures that you build come from LEGO bricks and elements. Fortnite Outfits like Brite Bomber and Hayseed are now available as LEGO Styles.

A Sandbox world’s defaults turn off enemies, hunger and temperature. That makes it way easier for you to explore and build. (For more of a challenge, try Survival mode.) You can even turn off the stamina meter so that you can run forever and never get tired. It’s your world!

Find Everything in Your Menus

Building is a pretty great place to start in Sandbox mode, and the Build menu is only a button press away. Inside the Build menu, you’ll find a few different tabs. Let’s explore them quickly.

  • Utility has Stations, which are basically machines that process parts like wood into tools like shovels. Placing and exploring these in Sandbox mode is a great way to learn about them before embarking on a Survival Mode adventure. Village-focused items turn an area into a cool place for people to hang out, visit and live.
  • Toys are for interactive elements like wheels, balloons and thrusters, which you can attach to your creations and make them move.
  • Builds is where premade structures like shacks and log cabins and NINJAGO®-inspired shogun palaces live.
  • Building Parts is the place to find the individual bricks that make up the builds and anything you want to create.

  • Furniture is where you’ll find beds, tables and chairs.
  • Decorations holds cute items like mailboxes, baking utensils and plants.

In addition the Build menu, in your Inventory you can find the Item Spawner that allows you to add creatures, weapons, food and other items to your hotbar!

Now let’s put it all together.

How to Build With Blueprints

Building is the best way to learn, so let’s start there.

Select the Simple Shack from the Build menu, and pick any place to build it.

Walk close to the foundation you just placed, and the game will prompt you to Start Build. It’s time to make your house.

Pick any piece from the menu that loads. Point your reticle (that little white dot in the middle of your screen) at the blue-tinted areas you see. When that dot points to the right place for the piece you picked, press the build button again, and the part will click and snap into place.

Since you can fly in Sandbox, it’s also awesome to just double-tap your jump button and hover around to place your pieces. It’s actually a lot like building a real-world LEGO set!

If you don’t like what you built, just walk up to it and attack, and it’ll break into adorable pieces.

Make Your Own Creations

Blueprints look awesome and are fun to build, but building your own creations piece-by-piece is where LEGO Fortnite gets really wild.

In the Build menu’s Toys tab, you’ll find one of the most amazing pieces in the game: the Dynamic Foundation. It looks like a regular floor piece, but it’s way more magical than that. You can attach toys like wheels, balloons and rockets to a Dynamic Foundation. And that means you can not only build on it but move it around, too.

Wheels can take a Dynamic Foundation and turn it into a vehicle. Balloons can turn a Dynamic Foundation into a floating fortress. Thrusters can zoom your creation over land and across the water. Now you can explore your world from the comfort of your own flying machine!

Experiment to find out what works and what doesn’t, using the nudge tool to line things up just right. See what happens when you place objects on top of Dynamic Foundations. (You can’t place blueprint builds on top of them.) And then give your idea a shot. Seeing how these pieces play off each other and laughing at your mistakes is half the fun!

Sandbox mode lets you fill your world with massive amounts of LEGO bricks and elements. Imagine the possibilities – and then go and build them. And then build a version of them that flies through the sky! It’s your imagination, powered by Fortnite play and LEGO creativity.

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