Sonic The Hedgehog

Watch me and my friends beat Dr. Eggman. This is how we roll!

Yo! I’m Sonic the Hedgehog™!

Sonic’s the name, speed’s my game. No time to chat, we gotta stop Dr. Eggman!

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... and I’m Shadow the Hedgehog!

I’m too powerful to be contained. Time to break out – better not stand in my way!

Did someone say Knuckles?

Don’t get it twisted, friend! I’m as strong as they come. Just ask any wall that gets in my way.

Hi, I’m Tails!

Helicopter tail? Check. Knowledge of mechanics? Double check. Help Sonic save the day? I’ve got your back!

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Nice to meet you! I’m Rouge.

I’m here to steal the show... and a few gemstones along the way. This is going to be fun!

Hi there, I’m Amy!

Have no fear, Amy is here! Ready to team up and take down baddies with Sonic, Tails and me?

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Call me Dr. Eggman... or else!

Oh, you think you can beat me? Muhahah! That’s cute. I’d like to see you and that hedgehog try.

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