Amber Spiral – Chapter 1: Dreams of Danger

Rise and shine! Here’s a question for you early birds: do you ever remember your dreams?

Mine was more like a vision, image after image streaming right into my head. Now it feels like a Mino sat on it!

First, I was drifting on the winds towards a village: a small ring of houses surrounded by rice fields. It was set deep in a valley with snowy peaks in the distance, but I didn’t recognize where it was.

Then I was passing harmlessly down through the soil into a dark chamber. A temple or a tomb perhaps, I couldn’t see much except for a pot or a vase on the far side from me.

What really caught me off guard was the image of a woman with short red hair, lavish red robes and a kind smile. It was my mother! My father let me believe she was gone – was he lying? Is she still alive? Why hasn’t she ever come and found me?

This vision felt so real, I refuse to believe it was just a dream. Maybe if I find the village, I can find my mother! I think I know someone who can help me track it down. That is, if she’ll talk to me: I hear Chamille’s not exactly walking a noble path these days.