chapter 3

Amber Spiral – Chapter 3: The Red Star Carnival

Well, we made it to the village just in time for sundown, and the fair was in town! The ‘Red Star Carnival’ had everyone out in the village square, which made it the perfect time to see if anyone knew my mother. I only have old photos of her, but it was the best shot I had right now.

Things might’ve gone more smoothly if Chamille helped, but she just had to go using her elemental power to mess with the carnival. The magician, ‘Egon the Extraordinary’, was awing the crowd with a stack of floating chairs when an exact copy of him jumped onstage and started calling him an imposter! His concentration broke, the chairs fell everywhere, and the crowd laughed the poor guy off-stage. Typical Chamille!

That wand of his was strangely familiar though. It reminded me a little of my father’s Staff of Elements…

Sadly, I had no luck finding clues to my mother’s whereabouts, although I did try some potstickers. They’re pretty good. Ours are better, though. Obviously.

The carnival was starting to wind down for the night when I finally caught up with Chamille, who suggested talking to the performers. As annoyed as I was at her for not helping, it was a good idea…or at least it felt like one right until we knocked on Egon the Extraordinary’s trailer.

“Thought you’d show me up in the middle of my act, did you? Well, I’ll show you!”

No sooner had we opened the door than a barrage of furniture came flying right at us!