The best part about LEGO® play is that there are no rules…

You just get to be yourself and build the way you think is best! That’s why we’ve collaborated with a few of our amazing autistic creators to find out how they make their masterpieces…

Meet Allyson

“Hi, I’m Allyson Gail, a dog-loving, music-making, autistic LEGO® creator. Let me show you my unique LEGO builds!”

Check out Allyson’s story

Allyson Gail:

My top tip to all builders is...

Don’t build what other people want. Love the way you think and create whatever YOU want! What would you love to build next?

Meet Gaku

He picked up a paintbrush at 16 and hasn’t stopped painting since. Marvel at his bold and brilliant use of color!

Watch Gaku create his masterpieces!

Meet Remrov

A huge animal lover who creates hyper-realistic pencil drawings of cats, dogs, elephants, lions… and more!

See how Remrov draws inspiration!


Don’t be afraid to express yourself to the world!

If you’re autistic like me, I encourage you to explore your creativity. You’ll be able to discover your gifts and learn to celebrate them.

What’s on your mind?

This fun decorate challenge will help you celebrate the way you think! Simply decorate the brain below with the stickers that best match the way you think…

Keep the creativity flowing on LEGO® Life

Our fun, free app is the perfect place to discover more inspiration and fun challenges! We’ll see you over there…

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