original master of amber

Amber Spiral – Chapter 7: Amber Legacy

At first, when the light faded, I thought I was in a treasure vault full of gold, but then my eyes adjusted and I realized that my surroundings – an antiquated blacksmith’s workshop – were covered in hardened, amber resin.

I could dimly hear Chamille and Egon’s voices from beyond, shouting my name, searching for me, but I knew I had to face this alone.

“At last,” came a booming, ancient voice, and a ghostly form drifted out into view. Spectral yellow chains ran from the amber around the workshop into his back, keeping him trapped inside this mockery of his home.

“Skylor Chen.” I felt sick at hearing the Original Master say my name. “You have done well, following in my footsteps. Using the Amber to divide and conquer. I am almost sad to have to take it from you, but I must restore myself if I am to escape this urn!”

“Restore yourself? You don’t mean…”

“Take your body and leave your spirit here in my place? You are a smart girl!”

I steeled myself for battle as wheels turned in my head. Had the Master of Amber been sending me the visions on purpose? Was the vision of my mother all a lie, told to bring me here? Had I walked straight into his trap, like a mosquito in, well, amber?

I pushed those dark thoughts away. I wasn’t letting him steal my body and my powers without a fight.

“The urn hungers for what it can absorb, but my story will not end here. The power of Amber will be mine again!”

Suddenly, he stretched out a spectral hand, and I could feel him draining my elemental power from me! Ironic, right?