Unleash the Force with Brick Film tricks!

Greetings young Padawans! Creating epic LEGO® Star Wars™ Brick Films requires patience and skill, it does. Here are some awesome tips to help you master your next Brick Film.

1. Use a stick to control your starships

Attaching a stick to a starship can help you control its movements when filming your scene. Make sure you plan where you want your ship to move to and keep a steady hand.

2. Create galactic dust

Crush colored chalk inside a pestle and mortar to create realistic galactic dust and use a sieve to sprinkle it across your scene.

3. Use a straw to create an epic starship landing sequence

Once you’ve covered your scene in galactic dust, blow through a straw and disturb the dust as you bring your starship in for landing to make it look more realistic.

Have fun with your next filming session and may the Force be with your creations!