LEGO® Friends

41757|LEGO® Friends

Botanical Garden

41697|LEGO® Friends

Turtle Protection Vehicle

41738|LEGO® Friends

Dog Rescue Bike

41408|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Shopping Play Cube

41426|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Park Café

41739|LEGO® Friends

Liann's Room

41442|LEGO® Friends

Vet Clinic Rescue Buggy

41425|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Flower Garden

41735|LEGO® Friends

Mobile Tiny House

41342|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Deluxe Bedroom

41360|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Mobile Vet Clinic

41731|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake International School

41422|LEGO® Friends

Panda Jungle Tree House

41328|LEGO® Friends

Stephanie's Bedroom

41413|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Summer Play Cube

41357|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Heart Box

41344|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Accessories Store

41333|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Mission Vehicle

41401|LEGO® Friends

Stephanie's Play Cube

41347|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Resort

41420|LEGO® Friends

LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar

41693|LEGO® Friends

Surfer Beachfront

41402|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Play Cube

41310|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Gift Delivery

41097|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Hot Air Balloon

41449|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Family House

41412|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Summer Play Cube

41329|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Deluxe Bedroom

41670|LEGO® Friends

Stephanie's Ballet Cube

41690|LEGO® Friends

LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar

41703|LEGO® Friends

Friendship Tree House

41100|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Private Jet

41698|LEGO® Friends

Pet Playground

41132|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Party Shop

41745|LEGO® Friends

Autumn's Horse Stable

41737|LEGO® Friends

Beach Amusement Park

41727|LEGO® Friends

Dog Rescue Center

41320|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Frozen Yogurt Shop

41345|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Pet Center

42632|LEGO® Friends

Farm Animal Vet Clinic

41753|LEGO® Friends

Pancake Shop

41677|LEGO® Friends

Forest Waterfall

41300|LEGO® Friends

Puppy Championship

41095|LEGO® Friends

Emma's House

41308|LEGO® Friends

Stephanie's Friendship Cakes

41387|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Summer Heart Box

41382|LEGO® Friends

LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar

41711|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Art School

41687|LEGO® Friends

Magical Funfair Stalls

41326|LEGO® Friends

LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar

42606|LEGO® Friends

Mobile Bakery Food Cart

41388|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Summer Heart Box

41730|LEGO® Friends

Autumn's House

41362|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Supermarket

41427|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Fashion Shop

41123|LEGO® Friends

Foal's Washing Station

41116|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Exploration Car

41438|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Jungle Play Cube

41700|LEGO® Friends

Beach Glamping

41679|LEGO® Friends

Forest House

41733|LEGO® Friends

Mobile Bubble Tea Shop

41686|LEGO® Friends

Magical Acrobatics

41663|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Dalmatian Cube

41378|LEGO® Friends

Dolphins Rescue Mission

41364|LEGO® Friends

Stephanie's Buggy & Trailer

41354|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Heart Box

41325|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Playground

41398|LEGO® Friends

4+ Stephanie's House

41312|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Sports Center

41435|LEGO® Friends

Stephanie's Jungle Play Cube

41383|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Hamster Playground

41410|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Summer Play Cube

41356|LEGO® Friends

Stephanie's Heart Box

41124|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Puppy Daycare

41340|LEGO® Friends

Friendship House

41337|LEGO® Friends

Underwater Loop

41306|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Beach Scooter

41314|LEGO® Friends

Stephanie's House

41741|LEGO® Friends

Dog Rescue Van

42617|LEGO® Friends

Farm Animal Sanctuary

41305|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Photo Studio

41341|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Bedroom

41327|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Bedroom

41746|LEGO® Friends

Horse Training

10727|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Ice Cream Truck

41443|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Electric Car

41119|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Cupcake Café

41414|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Summer Play Cube

41368|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Talent Show

41117|LEGO® Friends

Pop Star TV Studio

41669|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Soccer Cube

41445|LEGO® Friends

Vet Clinic Ambulance

41706|LEGO® Friends

LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar

41732|LEGO® Friends

Downtown Flower and Design Stores

41666|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Bunny Cube

41343|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Airplane Tour

41747|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Community Kitchen

41108|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Food Market

41120|LEGO® Friends

Adventure Camp Archery

41135|LEGO® Friends

Livi's Pop Star House

41353|LEGO® Friends

LEGO® Friends Advent Calendar

41701|LEGO® Friends

Street Food Market

41376|LEGO® Friends

Turtles Rescue Mission

41301|LEGO® Friends

Puppy Parade

41386|LEGO® Friends

Stephanie's Summer Heart Box

41692|LEGO® Friends

Vet Clinic Rescue Helicopter

41396|LEGO® Friends

Puppy Playground

41709|LEGO® Friends

Vacation Beach House

41134|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Performance School

41421|LEGO® Friends

Baby Elephant Jungle Rescue

41361|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Foal Stable

41365|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Art Studio

41379|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Restaurant

41339|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Camper Van

41696|LEGO® Friends

Pony-Washing Stable

41318|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Hospital

41101|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Grand Hotel

41710|LEGO® Friends

Surfer Beach Fun

41713|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Space Academy

41726|LEGO® Friends

Holiday Camping Trip

41436|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Jungle Play Cube

41699|LEGO® Friends

Pet Adoption Café

41752|LEGO® Friends

Sea Rescue Plane

41367|LEGO® Friends

Stephanie's Horse Jumping

41431|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Brick Box

41434|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Jungle Play Cube

41372|LEGO® Friends

Stephanie's Gymnastics Show

41311|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Pizzeria

41702|LEGO® Friends

Canal Houseboat

41334|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Park Performance

41448|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Movie Theater

41389|LEGO® Friends

Ice Cream Cart

41664|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Pug Cube

42613|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Hospital Ambulance

41707|LEGO® Friends

Tree-Planting Vehicle

41358|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Heart Box

41390|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Car & Stage

41667|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Gaming Cube

41729|LEGO® Friends

Organic Grocery Store

41099|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Skate Park

41126|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Riding Club

42602|LEGO® Friends

Space Research Rover

41366|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Cupcake Café

41756|LEGO® Friends

Holiday Ski Slope and Café

41682|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City School

41374|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Pool Party

41712|LEGO® Friends

Recycling Truck

41715|LEGO® Friends

Ice-Cream Truck

10728|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Vet Clinic

41432|LEGO® Friends

Alpaca Mountain Jungle Rescue

41681|LEGO® Friends

Forest Camper Van and Sailboat

LEGO Juniors - 10763 Stephanie's Lakeside House - Stephanie, Olivia and Andrea drives water scooters on the lake where Stephanie has a cool house fire a campfire and basketball court.
10763|LEGO® Friends

Stephanie's Lakeside House

41375|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Amusement Pier

41424|LEGO® Friends

Jungle Rescue Base

41355|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Heart Box

41728|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Downtown Diner

41336|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Art Café

41400|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Play Cube

41759|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Bus

42615|LEGO® Friends

Pet Adoption Day

41688|LEGO® Friends

Magical Caravan

41717|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Wildlife Rescue

41704|LEGO® Friends

Main Street Building

41439|LEGO® Friends

Cat Grooming Car

41423|LEGO® Friends

Tiger Hot Air Balloon Jungle Rescue

41691|LEGO® Friends

Doggy day Care

41450|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Shopping Mall

41359|LEGO® Friends

Heart Box Friendship Pack

41122|LEGO® Friends

Adventure Camp Tree House

41338|LEGO® Friends

Stephanie's Sports Arena

41760|LEGO® Friends

Igloo Holiday Adventure

41346|LEGO® Friends

Friendship Box

41384|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Summer Heart Box

41371|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Horse Trailer

42604|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Shopping Mall

42601|LEGO® Friends

Hamster Playground

41662|LEGO® Friends

Olivia's Flamingo Cube

41110|LEGO® Friends

Birthday Party

41740|LEGO® Friends

Aliya's Room

41714|LEGO® Friends

Andrea's Theater School

41385|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Summer Heart Box

41440|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake City Bakery

41683|LEGO® Friends

Forest Horseback Riding Center

10749|LEGO® Friends

Mia's Organic Food Market

41115|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Creative Workshop

41708|LEGO® Friends

Roller Disco Arcade

10748|LEGO® Friends

Emma's Pet Party

41058|LEGO® Friends

Heartlake Shopping Mall

41392|LEGO® Friends

Nature Glamping

41758|LEGO® Friends

Advent Calendar 2023