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Get arty with our LEGO® | Disney designer!

Grab your paintbrushes as things are about to get arty! Watch our awesome LEGO® designer Laura Perron get totally inspired by our epic Disney mural at the LEGO House! It’s packed full of all your Disney favorites.Which character would you paint?


The Princess Sleepover

It's bedtime and Jasmine, Cinderella and Ariel decide to have a sleepover. They build a sleeping area and settle down to tell stories. A strange noise scares them, but its turns out to be their pets, Rajah, Lucifer and Bruno.


LEGO® Frozen™ Northern Lights Part 1 – RACE TO LOOKOUT POINT

After an exciting race to Lookout Point to view the Northern Lights, Anna and Elsa arrive to find… nothing. The lights have gone missing! With the help of Kristoff, Sven and Olaf, they embark on a quest to the far north to find them – but will a sudden winter storm stop them in their tracks?


LEGO® | Disney Minisodes – Ariel in “Legs at Last”

If you love someone, should you really set them free? For King Triton, it’s a difficult decision to let his daughter Ariel go. Watch our LEGO® | Disney mini scene from the classic Disney story, The Little Mermaid.


LEGO® DISNEY MOANA 2017 Moana Movie Trailer

Anything is possible with a little help from your friends! Check out Moana and her shipmates as she gets ready for an ocean adventure!


LEGO® Disney™ Aladdin – Jasmine’s Story!

Everybody has heard Aladdin’s side of the story, now it’s Jasmine’s turn! As the royal princess of a huge kingdom, she has lots of responsibilities, but she also wants to learn more about the people who live in her country. Watch her wild adventure through Agrabah as she teams up with Aladdin to defeat Jafar and save her kingdom!


Daisy in Whisker Haven

Daisy is introduced. She is getting ready for the Pawty at the Pawlace, grooming and choosing accessories. She can't find her tiara and looks all over until she sees that its been on her head the whole time.


LEGO® | Disney Minisodes – Rapunzel in “The Tower”

What do you do when you’ve been dreaming about something for ages and it’s almost within reach? Watch Rapunzel take a leap of faith and start an amazing adventure in our LEGO® | Disney mini scene from the Disney story, Tangled.


Sparkle Art Inspiration: Pascal

Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw the chameleon Pascal from Disney's Tangled


Sparkle Art Inspiration: Ariel's Friends

Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw a scene with all of Ariel's friends


LEGO® Frozen™ Northern Lights PART 3 – THE GREAT GLACIER

Anna and Elsa and their friends convert Kristoff’s sleigh into a makeshift boat and cross a frozen fjord to reach the Great Glacier – but will they be able to ascend the glacier’s steep incline? If only they could find the right gear this far north of Arendelle to make the difficult climb…


Sparkle Art Inspiration: Princess Dress

Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw your very own princess dress


Sparkle Art Inspiration: Birthday Invitation

Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to create your very own birthday invitation


Sparkle Art Inspiration: Princess Tiara

Watch how you can use the Sparkle Art webgame to draw your very own princess tiara


Dreamy in Whisker Haven

Dreamy is introduced. She has been having a lovely catnap and when she wakes up, she decides to practice her song for the pawty. It sounds very strange until she realizes that the music sheet was upside down!