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It’s time for my Get Ready for School challenge!

Hi, it’s Aliya! My day is always super busy. But that’s exactly how I like it🌞! Watch my Get Ready for School challenge to see how I get organized for the day ahead🎒. I hope you like it! 😊


Get ready to groove!

Hi, it’s me, Paisley! Did you know Heartlake City now has its very own chat show and that you can watch it right now? The show is called Hey Friend! And for this first episode Aliya and I got together to interview one of our heroes – superstar drummer Nandi Bushell! ✨ Her energetic performances and dedication have inspired us both! We loved chatting to Nandi, and now you can find out more about her – including 3 fun things nobody knew about her – as revealed by her very own brother! Click the button to watch the episode.


It’s time for the latest episode of Hey Friend!

No spoilers but the new episode of Hey Friend! is totally AWESOME. Olly and Autumn meet up with super talented content creators Millie and Chloe. See them take on the fast friend questions as they chat about everything from favorite hobbies to crazy hairstyles and the importance of friendship. AND find out what Olly has in his haul!


Meet street-skating icon Ryassa Leal

Discover what happened when skateboarding legend Ryassa Leal joined the latest episode of Hey Friend! Find out how she got the nickname Skateboard Fairy and learn about her friendship with fellow street skater Filipe Mota.


See the cool way I get ready for school

Hey, it’s Zac here! Getting ready for school can be fun. All it takes is some pizza and ninja inspiration. Don’t believe me? Check out the video and see how I do it. I’ve been practicing my transitions 😊


Get creative with my emojis challenge!

Hey, Aliya here. I had a bad case of writer’s block recently ✏️. I just couldn’t think of what to write! Luckily my super-creative friend Olly came to help 😎 Hop on the LEGO® Friends group on LEGO Life and join the fun by making up your own emoji stories🥳


I’m loving the creativity!

Hi, it’s me, Autumn! I love drawing and painting so when Liann invited me over to hers for an art session, I was sooo excited 🏠 🎨! We have very different artistic styles but that just made the day even more fun 🌞. See what happened when we painted Liann’s pet gecko Popcorn.


Celebrating friendships

Hi everyone! It’s Alex here. Meeting all the new friends in Heartlake City has shown me just how important friendship is. Now that we’ve met everyone, it’s time to have some fun! Check out the video to find out what happened when the gang came together to create a musical tribute to their friendship. Then explore the LEGO® Friends group on LEGO Life for more fun times with friends!


Something new is coming to Heartlake City!

Something new is happening in Heartlake City! Are you ready? No spoilers – but expect adventures, mishaps and, of course, plenty of fun!

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Unwrap the festive fun!

There’s fun, friendship and plenty of surprises in store for the Heartlake City Friends this festive season! Join in the festivities with your favorite friends.


See what’s happening in Heartlake City!

There are slips, trips and baking fails but the Heartlake City Friends know that a little kindness can fix everything. Join in the fun with your favorite friends.


Take a tour of Heartlake International School

Ready to see what’s going on inside Heartlake International School? Take a tour with Olly and friends as the classmates enjoy a fun-filled day. Meet Bunsen the class hamster, then visit the cafeteria. Try outdoor activities or relax with friends in the media room. Click here to discover all this and more.


SURPRISE!! Matthew’s top tip for creating a How’d That Happen?! scene

LEGO® designer Matthew reveals why surprise is the key to creating a memorable How’d That Happen?! moment. Watch the video to learn more and discover which adventurous character from LEGO Friends has inspired him! Feeling creative? Share your stories and you might get a special shout-out from the LEGO Friends Storyteller Panel! #HowDidThatHappen


A Day at the Mall

Is there anything better than a day at the mall with Friends? Liann, Nova and Aliya all have super different interests… so it’s just lucky that there are so many different types of stores at the mall! What are the chances…


REACT to ‘Doodle Doom’

Watch Tia and Maisie tune in to the latest episode of LEGO® Friends where Liann hunts for her mean drawing of Nova, then the super-fans create some crazy doodles of their own!


Take a sneak peak at the first ever Hey Friend! episode

Guess what?! Heartlake City now has its very own chat show called Hey Friend! In each episode, the LEGO® Friends get to meet different influencers, content creators and talented individuals to find out more about them. The first episode is available right now. Check out the trailer to find out more!


Meet the new Friends: Leo

Hello, I’m Leo! Want to try a bite of this? I just cooked up something new in the kitchen because I need fuel for soccer practice! I was nervous when I moved to Heartlake City, but new friends like Zac from school make me feel excited to live here. Movie night anyone? I’ll bring snacks!


REACT to ‘Tap Tap Pup Pup Clean’

Tia and Maisie dive into this week’s episode of LEGO® Friends where Nova and Autumn learn that two heads are better than one! Meanwhile, Tia and Maisie go animal-tastic in this week’s games.


Tia and Maisie review ‘Welcome Zac’

A pair of Friends super-fans take us through exciting moments from episode 1 of LEGO® Friends, ‘Welcome Zac’. Join them for the perfect Friends watch party with games, fun and friendship.


Animal antics at Autumn’s house

Uh oh! Autumn’s new foal is causing chaos at her family house. Can the friends save the day and restore calm? Saddle up and click here to find out.


Meet the new Friends: Nova

Hi, I’m Nova. Gamer, coder and drone-builder – that’s me! Online, I’m a streamer, but offline I’m playing with the best dog ever, Pickle! He’s no ordinary dog... you should see him! Come meet us at the Dog Rescue Center, where my friend Autumn also volunteers.


Tia and Maisie react to ‘Fright Night’

The LEGO® Friends super-fans cozy up to watch the episode where the buddies gather in Autumn’s possibly haunted barn. Join the Friends super-fans for some spine-tingling games of their own.


You’ll be singing this song ALL DAY!

If you love LEGO® Friends and you enjoy toe-tapping tunes, you’ll want to check out this video. It gives a sneak peek at what’s coming up in the new Friends episodes and features the epic song My New Life.


Leo’s secret recipe for success

Leo summons his super spy skills to follow Aliya around the library. He’s spotted that she’s researching all the wrong recipes! Can he plant the perfect cake recipe right in her path? Check out the video, then tell us if you think Leo’s plan will work in the comments.