1. Awakening

When Z-blob follows them to Brooklyn, Mateo and his sister realize the dream world is real, and in danger!


2. Dream Chasers

After a mission to save their friend, Mateo and Izzie find the nightmare has followed them back to the waking world.


3. Chased Dreamers

To become official dream chasers for the Night Bureau, Mateo and his friends must defeat the Dream Forge guardian.


4. The Dream Forge

Facing the dream forge and becoming official dream chasers, Mateo and his friends seek out the mysterious dream bandit.


5. Peak Performance

The search for the Sandman leads Mateo and the others to the tallest mountain in the dream world.


6. The Anomaly

A surprise visit from the Chief Inspector of the Night Bureau forces Mateo to hide Z-Blob.


7. Cheat Code

Logan cheats in a competition to ask Zoey a question and unwittingly endangers the video game-based Cyber Realm.


8. The Bigger Picture

Searching for test answers, the kids realize that in dreams, sweet little Ms. Putnam isn’t so sweet... or little!


9. Short Sheeped

Logan is captured by the Nightmare King, which leaves his friends to face the Sheep Week finals alone.


10. The Grim Escape

The Dream Chasers rush to save Logan from the Shadowkeep’s dungeon, but the saviors soon become prisoners themselves.


11. Dreamer’s Block

Mateo and the gang investigate a mystery in the dream world, only to realize they are locked in their dream landing.


12. Monkey and the Bandit

With Albert held by the Night Hunter and Z-Blob captured by Agent Strick, Mateo and the gang stage a daring rescue.


13. Private Eye

Izzie investigates Mateo’s missing comic book, while Nova continues to explore the mystery of the dream world.


14. Songs of the Mist

When the gang’s memories begin to fade in the Murky Realm, they are offered sanctuary by the Never Witch – but can she be trusted?


15. Sweet Dreams

To stop the Insomniacs’ nightmares, the gang bring them to the Candy Realm. But the Night Hunter is never far behind.


16. The Worthy Dreamer

The gang make their way to Castle Nocturnia but face a mythical creature determined to protect the castle’s secrets.


17. The Light of Nocturnia

The dream chasers must rush to reveal Lunia’s secrets while Castle Nocturnia is under attack by the Nightmare King.


18. Night Hunted

The Nightmare King tries to access the waking world. Mateo hears the truth about Lunia’s battle with the Nightmare King.


19. The Rift

The Fall Festival becomes the perfect hunting ground for a night terror and the Night Hunter.


20. Enter the Nightmare

The Nightmare King invades the waking world and the dream chasers must try to defeat him once and for all.

Bonus content


NEW LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Series Trailer

Get ready to discover the world of your wildest dreams! Mateo and his friends learn the ways of the dream world, but something is lurking in the dark.


The Weirdest Dream!

It’s another day at the Monastery of Spinjitzu in NINJAGO® City. Kai wakes up late and remembers his very, very weird dream! He was flying through the sky on the back of a massive blue bunny. He wants to tell the others…but is too afraid it will sound silly when he says it out loud. The ninja do dream. But these dreams were different. Something foreign to the NINJAGO world … Something weird is coming: a world of your wildest dreams. Stay tuned!


The Most Outrageous Dream!

A day at the Monastery of Spinjitzu in NINJAGO® City starts like any other. Until Master Wu wakes in a trance after having the most outrageous dream. He was surrounded by a massive turtle and crocodile with vehicles on their backs. Then suddenly, a giant purple chicken appeared at his side! The ninja do dream. But these dreams were different. Something foreign to the NINJAGO world … Something outrageous is coming: a world of your wildest dreams. Stay tuned!


The Most Wonderful Dream!

It’s another day at the Monastery of Spinjitzu in NINJAGO® City. Nya rises from her bed with a massive smile after a wonderful dream. She was running through colorful fields alongside magical deer and mushroom people! This all happened…on what appeared to be a flying island! The ninja do dream. But these dreams were different. Something foreign to the NINJAGO world … Something wonderful is coming: a world of your wildest dreams. Stay tuned!

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Elemental Dream Crafting

As Destiny’s Bounty falls out of the sky, Mateo and Kai rush to combine their powers before it crashes into the village. Will they be able to rescue Jan and save all of the NINJAGO® world before the Night Hunter reaches the Nightmare King?


Z-Blob’s Best Moments

Ready to relive the best moments of everyone’s favorite loveable, crazy, green, bouncing bundle of goo? Z-Blob is Mateo’s comic creation, best friend, and squishy companion like no other!


Zian’s Best Moments

Calling all Zian fans! Whether he’s soaring through the dream world skies or bravely battling nightmare creatures, Zian’s always there to lend a paw to the dream chasers. Check out the best moments of our favorite feathered friend!


The Night Hunter on the hunt

Zoey and Cooper have just captured some of the Night Hunter’s evil allies, success! What happens when the Night Hunter discovers what they’ve done?


Ready for your own dream adventure?

From Copenhagen to New York to Singapore, imagination has no travel limits! Watch this video to see how LEGO® DREAMZzz™ fans across the globe have been inspiring each other’s builds!And we have a question for you! If you could send your imagination to any city in the world, which city would it be?


Flying, Chasing and Racing

Whether they’re zooming through the air or racing on the ground, our favorite dream chasers never back down when they’re facing nightmares! Check out their coolest, action-packed moments as they bravely chase, or run from, nightmare creatures!


Fantastical Tree House surprise

Just about to dig into Mrs. Castillo’s delicious cookies, our heroes are surprised by the Night Hunter and his crooked crew.


The Shenanigans of Snivel, Sneak and Susan!

Ready to experience the chaotic world of the Nightmare King’s most trusted minions? Snivel, Sneak and Susan are always causing mischief! From a hotdog-eating contest to unicorn rides to a bout of hiccups, there’s never a dull moment when these 3 Grimspawn are around!


Grimspawn Diaries: Hide ‘N Sneak

The mischievous Grimspawn are playing one of their favorite games – hide and seek! Will Snivel and Susan ever be able to find Sneak? Watch the video to find out!


The Insomniac Club: Rad Radioactive and Rotten Rowdy Rascals!

One way to banish those pesky nightmares? Don’t sleep! Check out the latest Insomniac Club video to learn about the rotten rascals that have been popping up in everyone’s bad dreams and how an eye-opening energy drink can help you avoid them!


Join the dream team!

Friendship and teamwork make the dream work! Check out the LEGO® DREAMZzz™ TV series to enter exciting realms with Mateo, Izzie, Zoey and Cooper as they meet fantastical creatures, dream craft awesome vehicles and face the menacing Nightmare King together!


All About Izzie!

Energetic goofball Izzie isn’t a typical member of the Night Bureau, but she’s still a great addition to the team thanks to her quick-thinking and kung fu-inspired moves! She loves animals (even scary ones!), anime and plushie toys! Want to find out more? Take a look at the video!


A Sandy Savior

Oh no, the hourglass is broken! What will our heroes do without it? They must find a way to fix it, and quickly, before any of the Night Hunter’s allies find out.


The chase for the hourglass

If there’s one thing Mateo’s good at, it’s dream crafting! Transforming Z-Blob into whatever fits the purpose is the best. But it seems someone is out to get Mateo’s hourglass…


Grimspawn Diaries: Running Wild

Sneak, Snivel and Susan encounter some magical unicorns! Can they use them to gallop away from the Night Hunter? Watch the video to find out!